Martin Pinilla
Martin Pinilla II - Managing Partner

Martin Pinilla II is co-founder and co-managing partner of Barlington Group, a Miami based real estate investment and development company committed to revitalizing emerging neighborhoods in Miami’s urban core. Martin began in 2002 investing in small-scale residential properties in Little Havana and simultaneously as a commercial real estate broker. Two years later he and Bill Fuller met as each were independently investing in the Little Havana neighborhood. In 2004 they joined forces and launched Barlington Group.


Since its inception, Barlington Group has acquired and redeveloped more than 50 commercial properties which include multi family, hotel, office and retail. The company’s primary focus is on Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, and is now one of the neighborhoods most significant stakeholders. Additionally, Barlington has also invested and activated properties in several of Miami’s emerging neighborhoods such as Brickell, Overtown, Downtown Miami, West Coconut Grove and Miami River District. Barlington has been heralded for its preservation of historical properties and for its progressive adaptive reuse strategy, which has built upon the roots of Little Havana while allowing it to modernize.


Martin has experience in all areas of repositioning real estate, including acquisition, due diligence, design, construction, financing, leasing and management. Martin has an innate ability to identify value and opportunity. This allows Barlington to study each opportunity in a way most do not. With an emphasis in developing in a way that activates the neighborhood, an integral component is seeking great operators with great concepts, and adhering to a truly curatorial process. Additionally, arts and culture are always interlaced within Barlington’s projects and is a mandate to the recipe. Developing neighborhoods correctly depends on the careful balance of this formula.


Additionally, Part of what makes Barlington unique is that the company is often a partner with its tenants in their ventures, assisting in the creation of total concept including look, feel, and branding thus allowing groundbreaking ideas to take hold in neighborhoods that are redefining their identity. Businesses that Barlington has partnered with include Toasted Baglery and Deli, Blackbird Ordinary, Side Bar, Brickell Mattress, Miami Smokers, Futurama, and Doce Provisions.


Martin is a homegrown success who graduated from Gulliver Academy, Coral Gables Senior High International Baccalaureate, and Florida International University. He is married with four children and is an avid surfer and snowboarder which takes him and his family traveling all over the world.